A Thank You to my Patrons

I was thinking of a way to properly thank you all for supporting my Patreon. The fact that three people pledged money to me almost immediately after I published my page astounds me, and I could not be more appreciative. I truly hope that this patreon is up to everyone's standards. I hope I've been keeping my promise to update you all on my articles, on my podcast, and so on. I know with time, persistence, and good articles, my patrons will grow, but for now I want to honor my three patrons by writing a very silly poem about you all. 

The Patrons Three

The Patrons three, a powerful group

A boisterous band, and colorful troupe

And when they come to town they know

That crowds will follow where they go

Christopher, the meltiest of them all

Can melt buildings that are three stories tall (nothing taller than 3, otherwise that’s a felony)

Sam can change poisonous food

Into a dish for any dude (it’ll still be poisonous)

And Alice speaks to wild beasts

And turns them into allies—neat (not neat for the non-allies though!)!

And while these powers are strange together

The patrons three are best together

 As long they are powerful so

I’d follow The Patrons Three wherever they go